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ORAMMA is a project funded by the EU to address perinatal healthcare for migrant and refugee women. The project will develop an approach and some tools to help address healthcare problems in Greece, the Netherlands and the UK.
Oramma2 days ago
19 Syrian refugees living in Jordan have been awarded scholarships to allow them to undertake undergraduate study in Southern France.

"The programme provides a one-year foundation course of intensive French language instruction, tuition fees, a monthly living allowance for a year, accommodation in the student residence and help with visa procedures. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, helped in the selection process and the administrative procedures.

A UNHCR report on refugee education showed that less than one per cent of refugees attend university, compared with 34 per cent globally. Higher education plays an important role in protecting young refugees and preparing them, and their communities, to deal with the consequences of forced displacement."
Oramma5 days ago
Human Rights Watch reports on the asylum seekers trapped on Greek islands where the official containment policy blocks asylum seekers who arrived by sea from Turkey from moving to the mainland.

"The Greek government likes to point the finger for this forgotten crisis at the European Union. It says that the policy is needed so that it can quickly return asylum seekers to Turkey under a 2016 EU-Turkey migration deal. But the truth is hardly anyone has been sent back, and now the Turkish government has suspended its bilateral arrangements with Greece that makes such returns legally possible.

Greece’s European Union partners would prefer it to keep people on the islands, and reduce overcrowding by increasing returns to Turkey.

But this is wishful thinking. There is little prospect of the majority of asylum seekers trapped on the islands being sent back to Turkey any time soon."
Oramma7 days ago
What is the current state of the migration crisis in Europe?

A useful summary by the guardian on the latest stats and political situation.
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Today is the final day of World Breastfeeding Week 2018

Breastfeeding helps support the health of mums and babies, particularly those in fragile situations, including migrant women entering the EU.

ORAMMA supports migrant women with breastfeeding by providing supportive healthcare professionals and maternity peer supporters.

The World Breastfeeding Week action pack includes all the infographics, information, case studies, and action points highlighted this week.

Everybody can take action to help support mums to breastfeed by:
- Raise awareness of the risks and disadvantages of artificial feeding, especially in vulnerable populations.
- Inform others about the lifelong effects of optimal breastfeeding.
- Integrate breastfeeding into undergraduate and postgraduate curricula for all relevant professions.
- Integrate breastfeeding into programmes that address maternal, newborn, child, adolescent health and development.
- Involve men and other sources of familial support to share care and domestic responsibilities.
- Build the capacity of multidisciplinary teams of professionals and lay workers in breastfeeding to create a warm chain of support for mothers.

Migrant mothers matter too

Safe Journey to motherhood

The ORAMMA project develops an integrated, mother and woman centered, culturally oriented and evidence based approach for all phases of the

Cultural awareness across the borders

Involvement of women from the target population and their training in order to assist and act as advocates for pregnant women during the whole

Working together for a better community

The implementation of the ORAMMA approach refers to communities with migrant and refugee populations. Selected key members

Health care with compassion

The ORAMMA project develops an integrated , mother centered, culturally oriented and evidence based approach for all phases of the migrant and refugee

“This website is part of the project ‘738148/ORAMMA’ which has received funding from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020)”.