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ORAMMA is a project funded by the EU to address perinatal healthcare for migrant and refugee women. The project will develop an approach and some tools to help address healthcare problems in Greece, the Netherlands and the UK.
Oramma2 days ago
In honour of forthcoming World Prematurity Day 2018 on the 17th November, we're sharing this video from Bliss Baby Charity in the UK, explaining the approach of Family Centred Care.

Bliss trains health professionals in Family Centred Care which can help improve outcomes for premature infants.
World Prematurity Day 2016 - What is family-centred care?
World Prematurity Day, is a global movement to raise awareness of premature birth and the sometimes devastating impact it can have on families. On 17 Novembe...
Oramma4 days ago
An alarming report from England that some female prisoners are being left to labour alone in their cells and do not have proper access to care.

Research into the conditions of pregnant prisoners in England was undertaken by Dr Laura Abbott, specialist midwife and senior lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, and flags up significant risks to the safety and wellbeing of the women and babies.

All mothers deserve a safe journey to motherhood.
Oramma5 days ago
The latest UNHCR fact sheet from Greece contains updates on the overcrowding migrants are facing in Reception and Identification Centres:

"The islands’ Reception and Identification Centres (RICs) are overcrowded, particularly in Lesvos and Samos where four times more people live than the available space. As a
result, refugees, including many pregnant women
and elderly live in inappropriate shelter or lack basic relief items, such as hygiene kits. Refugees’ frustration and
anxiety is mounting amid dire conditions, also as a result of their lengthy stay in the centres.

To ease overcrowding the Ministry of Migration Policy (MoMP) with UNHCR’s support accelerated the transfer of eligible asylum-seekers from the islands to the mainland. In total 2,602 people were transferred from Lesvos (1,895), Samos (394), Kos (114), Chios (103) Leros (89) and Rhodes (7). As of July 2018, the Reception and
Identification Service (RIS) identifies and informs those eligible to depart in most islands and coordinates their departure."
Oramma2 weeks ago
Opinion piece from Melanie Ward, the International Rescue Committee’s director of policy and advocacy in Europe, on the flaws in the EU's plan to outsource the migration crisis to North African processing centres.

Migrant mothers matter too

Safe Journey to motherhood

The ORAMMA project develops an integrated, mother and woman centered, culturally oriented and evidence based approach for all phases of the

Cultural awareness across the borders

Involvement of women from the target population and their training in order to assist and act as advocates for pregnant women during the whole

Working together for a better community

The implementation of the ORAMMA approach refers to communities with migrant and refugee populations. Selected key members

Health care with compassion

The ORAMMA project develops an integrated , mother centered, culturally oriented and evidence based approach for all phases of the migrant and refugee

“This website is part of the project ‘738148/ORAMMA’ which has received funding from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020)”.