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ORAMMA is a project funded by the EU to address perinatal healthcare for migrant and refugee women. The project will develop an approach and some tools to help address healthcare problems in Greece, the Netherlands and the UK.
Oramma2 days ago
Opening today in the Wellcome Collection in London is the Living with Buildings exhibition examining "the positive and negative influence buildings have on our physical and mental health". The exhibition includes the Global Clinic, designed in collaboration with Doctors of the World to provide effective, adaptable healthcare in emergency situations and remote locations.

When the exhibition closes, Doctors of the World will deploy the clinic in a location where their care is needed.
Oramma4 days ago
ORAMMA project members Maria van den Muijsenbergh and Christos Lionis and scientific advisory committee member Elena Petelos have published 'Assessing refugee healthcare needs in Europe and implementing educational interventions in primary care: a focus on methods'

The article focuses on "the role of primary health care (PHC) to facilitate an integrated delivery of care by enhancing care provision to refugees upon arrival, on transit or even for longer periods. Evidence-based interventions, encompassing elements of patient-centredness, shared decision-making and compassionate care, could contribute to the assessment of refugee healthcare needs and to the development and the implementation of training programmes for rapid capacity-building for the needs of these vulnerable groups and in the context of integrated PHC care."
Oramma1 week ago
Yesterday was World Mental Health Day

ORAMMA supports the perinatal mental health of migrant mothers by:

- ensuring health professionals are aware of the additional risk to the perinatal mental health of migrant women through training

- training Maternity Peer Supporters to engage with migrant mothers in conversations about their mental health and signpost migrant mothers to further support services

- recommending mental health promotion in migrant communities i.e. competence in managing practical matters of daily living and positive adaptation matters including interpersonal relationships, childcare issues, informal social supports.

For those working with migrants whose mental health may be at risk, the principles of mental health first aid can often be helpful.

See more in the WHO's guide to psychological first aid.
Oramma1 week ago
New opinion in the BMJ in response to the latest Maternity Action report into the NHS charges.

"Studying health outcomes or publicising stories of the experience of undocumented migrants is extremely challenging. Many are afraid to speak due to a real risk of being detected by immigration authorities. Maternity Action managed to gain consent for anonymised stories from 16 women who described poor health, but no larger study of outcomes for those who have been charged has been performed.

Recent national Confidential Enquiry reports do, however, reveal increasing disparities in maternal mortality in minority ethnic groups, including a greater than four times higher rate of maternal death in black women, and a concerning increase in the rate of stillbirths and neonatal deaths among their babies. Migrants may be over-represented in these groups, and women from minority ethnic groups may be more likely to be questioned, but charging status was not recorded in these reports. Nevertheless, deterrence from antenatal care and delivery care due to charging could be contributing to these worsening outcomes."

Migrant mothers matter too

Safe Journey to motherhood

The ORAMMA project develops an integrated, mother and woman centered, culturally oriented and evidence based approach for all phases of the

Cultural awareness across the borders

Involvement of women from the target population and their training in order to assist and act as advocates for pregnant women during the whole

Working together for a better community

The implementation of the ORAMMA approach refers to communities with migrant and refugee populations. Selected key members

Health care with compassion

The ORAMMA project develops an integrated , mother centered, culturally oriented and evidence based approach for all phases of the migrant and refugee

“This website is part of the project ‘738148/ORAMMA’ which has received funding from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020)”.