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ORAMMA is a project funded by the EU to address perinatal healthcare for migrant and refugee women. The project will develop an approach and some tools to help address healthcare problems in Greece, the Netherlands and the UK.
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The International Organisation for Migration produced a background paper on Maternal and Child Healthcare for Immigrant Populations. The paper details good practices from Spain and Portugal, including mobile health units, and prevention and health promotion services.
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In the UK, the charity Maternity Action provide a Migrant' Women's Rights Service for volunteers, advisers, community workers, midwives and maternity support workers who are working with migrant women. They do not advise migrant women directly.

The service is confidential and provides support workers with advice on the housing and support options for all migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, including women who have overstayed their visas. They also provide advice on NHS charging and access to NHS maternity care.

To speak to an adviser, please call the Migrant Women’s Rights Service on 020 7251 6189. The helpline is open Monday and Thursday between 2-4pm.

For advice, please email:
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A reminder that people continue to die while risking life and limb for the right to a better life. This recent spike in deaths has prompted "fears that human traffickers are taking greater risks because of a crackdown imposed by the Italian government and the Libyan coastguard." There are currently no NGO ships at work in the Mediterranean and migrants remain at risk.

Migrant mothers matter too

Safe Journey to motherhood

The ORAMMA project develops an integrated, mother and woman centered, culturally oriented and evidence based approach for all phases of the

Cultural awareness across the borders

Involvement of women from the target population and their training in order to assist and act as advocates for pregnant women during the whole

Working together for a better community

The implementation of the ORAMMA approach refers to communities with migrant and refugee populations. Selected key members

Health care with compassion

The ORAMMA project develops an integrated , mother centered, culturally oriented and evidence based approach for all phases of the migrant and refugee

“This website is part of the project ‘738148/ORAMMA’ which has received funding from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020)”.