The ORAMMA progress meeting took place in Sheffield on 15th– 16th February and it was hosted by Sheffield University. In the meeting, representatives of all partners participated, and also members of the scientific advisory committee, Prof. Billie Hunter (Professor of Midwifery/Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Midwifery Development (Europe), Dr. Lale Say (WHO, Coordinator in the reproductive health and resource department of risk groups) and Dr. Elena Petelos, (Public Health Specialist & HTA Expert- Lecturer in EBM and EBP).  Also, in the meeting Ms. McCarthy Catherine (CEO Medical Aid Films) and Mrs. Paola D’Acapito (Project Officer) participated.

In the meeting all partners discussed the project’s progress and specifically the results of the recent trainings of HCPs and MPSs that took place in Greece and in Netherlands (HCPs). In addition, they focused on the finalization of the contents and structure of the training handbooks (HCPs & MPPs) as well as the processes involved regarding the start of the pilot implementation in the three countries (Greece, UK, Netherlands).